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"Sushi Comari" stands quietly in the back alley, a 1-minute walk from Tameike Sanno Station. With our 8-seat counter, we will entertain you with a wonderful time with your loved one.



We offer you the Omakase course with the Edomae-sushi-style, which is prepared in the traditional way of tightening and kneading the fish.

Chef's very own syari (sushi rice) is made with red vinegar and salt, with no sugar, to enhance the natural taste and aroma of the fish.




12:00 ~ 1430


17::00 ~ 22:30

Omakase Course
¥ 19,800-
Authentic Edomae Sushi Omakase Course

Nigiri Course
¥ 8,000-

Satisfying Edomae Nigiri Course

* Please make a reservation by 8 PM the day before.

*Menu may change depending on the market situation.

*No Charge / Service Fee

*Price will be tax-included

Chef Satoshi Fukushima

He was born and grown in Saitama, Japan, and after 10 years of running his own restaurant as the owner-chef, he moved to Tokyo to further improve his skills. He has gained experience at one of the best long-established Japanese restaurants in Azabudai, and further honed his skills at a famous sushi restaurant in Tokyo. Now, he has taken the helm at Sushi Comari.

We hope you will enjoy his aromas, sensibilities, aesthetics, and tastes of his life's work.



Reservations will be accepted on the 1st of every month for the following month.

【Cancellation Notice】

Cancellations made 1 day or more in advance of the event date, 100% of the course fee will be charged.

If you are late for more than 30 minutes, we may have to cancel your reservation.
●We start preparations several days in advance, so we appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

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